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Baseball Bat Handles

Camp Info

Age 4-5

Camp will cover an introduction to baseball, teaching the basics of how to play the game. We play games at stations, practicing hitting, throwing, and catching. The focus is to have fun, and discover what it means to work as a team. 
3 day camp/ 2 hours per day- $150  

On Deck

Age 6-7

Camp for this age group recaps the rules of the game, and breaks off into stations to get introduced to the mechanics of hitting, throwing, and fielding. We teach a proper warm up, cool down, and go over fun team building exercises.     
3 day camp/ 3 hours per day- $200

Baseball Game

Age 8-9

Camps in the 8-9 age group get a deeper look into the rules of baseball, to gain a better understanding of the breakdown of the game. With increased understanding, more confidence is gained with making game time decisions. Everyone will learn the importance of a proper warm up, cool down, and rest, especially essential for long term arm care. This age group gets introduced to the mechanics of pitching and goes more in depth with proper hitting techniques.
3 day camp/ 3 hours per day- $225

Girl Holding Baseball

Age 10-12

At the 10-12 age range, we teach proper warm up and discuss how to let your body recover between games and seasons. We welcome questions about rules of the game and encourage a deeper knowledge and understanding of how baseball is played. The key is to keep the game fun and positive as this age group covers more advanced technique with hitting and throwing. Pitching instruction will cover fine tuning mechanics, to help improve command and control within the strike zone. The goal is to build a better foundation for long term success.
3 day camp/ 3 hours per day- $250

Youth Baseball Game
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